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More Photos

 A few more photos to whet your appetite...

Aerial view of Mexico Tranquilo

This photo was taken by guests who flew their private Cessna into Teacapan airport in June 2008.  It shows a couple of new features: the Gazebo/palapa on the roof that is very popular with guests. Also note the sandy road from the highway and the new sidewalk and staircase to the beach.

View from sitting area

Our sitting area has beautiful views over our private, walled garden.

Beautiful beaches

From our open-air second-floor patio, just outside of the shared sitting area, you can see and hear the ocean. All beaches in Mexico are public, so you'll often see local families out for picnics and a walk.

Did we say secluded?

This is the road entry to our home. Although we're away from the hustle and bustle, it's an easy twenty-minute walk to town.

Apartment entrance

This is the stairway from the private entrance to the apartment area.

Teacapan from the south

This is an aerial view of Teacapan from the south  showing the first couple of kilometers of over a hundred kilometers of estuary waters navigable by small  boats.  Locals charge 400-600 pesos per hour for fishing trips or excursions.  Recommended by Dave & Nancy!"

Teacapan from the south

Once a best kept secret, Teacapan has now caught the eye of the state government and they have replaced the dirt road along the waterfront with a kilometer of cement Malecon.


Sunsets to write home about

Because we're located on the west coast of Mexico, every evening promises a beautiful sunset. The new palapa on the roof provides the best seats in the house!

TFC: Teacapán Fried Chicken

You're about as far away from a resort as possible, but there's still lots to do in town. Hungry? The taquerias (taco stands) open by early evening, and there's always something cooking along the main street.


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